Fellowship is the most important part of who we are.

We believe in building and supporting long lasting relationships in our community. 

We are a Christ-centered company that believes in making a difference every day through a smile, some great coffee, and a place that feels like home.


Come as you are. Where everyone is welcome and everyone is part of our family.


We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

We are here to serve communities with love, through fellowship and Christ.

The core values that drive every thing we do are rooted and grounded in these nine attributes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 

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Our Story


Back in 2019 our “wilderness” began. In November of 2018, I heard the lord speak to my heart about a Christian shirt company. This was a small portion of what he had put in our spirits, I decided to run after that. I had recently become a stay-at-home mom but also really loved working. I thought this would be so fun, to work for the Lord. We got an LLC in December of 2018, we bought all the shirts on a credit card and began to build it. By March 2019 we were ready to roll! I was so excited and full of faith, excited to see what God was going to do. This started to fizzle out towards the end of 2019. I kind of felt like I didn’t hear the lord correctly, not knowing who all this actually had affected. What I couldn’t see then, is that I was being humbled… A LOT that year, "He must increase and I must decrease." I was going and going too fast to consider the Lord fully.. I decided to take a break, slow it down, and keep it alive if anyone wanted to buy; but not chase after it for the time being. What it did do is give me a small platform to encourage people in the lord daily, shining a light to others, His light.


The “wilderness” was thick, we had debt up to our ears, and barely making all our payments. It was in this year we felt pulled back from everyone. God began to pull us into this hidden place where we learned allot. We began really reading in his word, watching SO MANY videos about the Lord, filling up, constant material, and God conversation. We learned so much in this time, he revealed so much to us. It felt like a year and a half of trials, tests, and listening to Him, letting him prune and plant in us. There were times people thought we were crazy, but still we looked forward and stood our ground no matter what. Allot of learning happened here, who we were, who He is and always will be, and trust. In this time, we really got to understand and have displayed for us: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. 


Debt. At the beginning of 2020 we wrote out every debt we had on a piece of paper, totaled it all up, and asked the lord to take care of it for us; “where two or three agree, there I am also.” We also read Mark 11:23-24, we believed that we would receive. We prayed together and signed it, we went on trying and doing all we knew how and trusting Him. We owned another house that a family moved into right before we got married in 2012. This family contacted my husband in the summer of 2020 saying they were ready to talk about buying the house. After living there this whole time, now they would like to talk about buying??  This in and of itself was an answered prayer because it wasn’t an extra form of income, we had to pay a little each month on it, to keep from raising the rent. By December 2020 it was done, they had bought the house, and we made money. We were able to cross everything off that list/letter that we prayed for the lord to help us with. Everything but our current house was paid for AND we would have enough to put down on a loan for the coffee shop. Hallelujah, PRAISE JESUS! I could hardly believe it, even though we had submitted to the Lord and prayed for His help, we were blown away by His goodness! We had even wrote in the letter that we were believing it would be complete within a year and it was, it happened at the end of December 2020!


December of 2020 was when God spoke and confirmed another dream to us. He said you should open a kingdom minded coffee shop and work for me! We started to investigate the how, where, and when’s of this one, but we were all in, again. This was a common thing now for 4 years, he says something, and we go, never worried if it won’t work or if it’s crazy, we just go. So, the talking and planning began. By the beginning of 2021 we were all in, confirmations and all.  My husband was concerned about his current job, he wanted to make sure they were set up for success before he left. Making sure every store had managers and looked for new managers as they were set to open a couple more locations later that year. It became a huge deal to him that they be completely set up before he left them. Someone had prophesied to him a year before that this job he had was a good one, it was from the Lord, and that when it was time to leave, he would know, and God would move him…. Boy did that come to pass. In March 2021, after he had gotten the stores he oversaw operating at a top level, producing sales that doubled from when he had first started; in a very odd series of events, they fired him for talking about Jesus… You can’t make this up.


So, we took this as part of the prophesy over him, “when it was time to move, God would move you and you will know it.” This gave my husband the freedom to start really digging deep into all things coffee shop. We continued to apply for loans, but didn’t know how that would work now with no job and no source of income… He went and met with many people, all telling him he needed more of this, less of that, etc. Until one day, after several applications and run arounds, a bank called him. This was a bank that didn’t sound familiar to him, meaning he didn't think he had already called them, but they were calling him asking about a loan. So, we sent over the needed material, and they met with their people and wanted to schedule a meeting at the location/site we were thinking about, in less than a week. WOW. They came to the location we had decided for the coffee shop, we had already talked to the landlords, and gotten a bid from a construction company. When they showed up on a Saturday, in regular clothes, their smiles and greetings were full of peace. We were thinking the president of the bank drove an hour and twenty minutes on a Saturday to see the sight and talk to us. This meeting was un-real, my husband left thinking he had just had a meeting with two Angels. They wanted to hear his plans, his dreams etc. They said they wanted to be in this all with us and more! BOOM we got a loan!


Not long after the loan was approved, something came up with our lease, just something the landlords didn’t agree with, we were on the hunt again for a location. We found a new location that was bigger and a way better location in our minds, and in September we were able to sign the lease and let the construction begin, which was my Dad, he's our contractor. Now we are set to open before Christmas, with an amazing landlord, awesome location, bigger space, an amazing looking inside, AND room for a drive thru. Waiting for this thing to get finished and seeing all the tiny pieces falling into place, we have learned so so much!! There have been so many little setbacks and leaps forward, but we have tried to keep one thing fresh in our minds, “It’s His timing.”


God has taught us that if you just step out and do the things he has laid on your hearts, He has already made a way. If He asks you to do something, you can’t fail! He has taught us to trust Him and His timing, not our own. That one was challenging, but the more we would just do it the more amazing the journey would get. You’d be surprised at how much people probably miss out because they want their timing instead of the Lords. FAITH! Walking by faith, not by sight, and when it looks like you are the only one that thinks you should be doing something, or everyone is questioning how you’re doing it or the way you’re doing it; remember He is there cheering you on! Jesus said, “When I come back will I find faith?” You can’t have too much when it doesn’t look possible just remember we serve a God, that through Him anything is possible. God wants to give you more than you can ask, think, or imagine, let him. This is our amazing testimony of just one time God did the impossible with us just because we decided to say yes to Him, step out, and trust His timing.